Crew Bios

Chris Kennelly

KP Founder

Chris is the proudest guy in this picture and fights every day to make sure your stories are told and your audiences are reached.

Kevin Dunkin

KP Producer

Logistics man. Story man. Everything you see on camera is because he made sure it was put there. Kevin is the common thread between PreProduction, Production, and Post. Kevin is your advocate.

Tony Sarte

KP Creative Director

Tony is your story editor. Emotion. Connection. Heart. Tony is a master storyteller and makes sure our work continues to have meaningful substance.

David Lee

KP Motion Graphic Artist

David is our high intensity editor. Energy. Graphics. Visual extravaganza. David gets your head noddin'.

Patrick Barry

Contracted Rock Star

Patrick is our primary DP. The eye of Kennetic Productions. Most talented man we've ever seen. Patrick also does a terrible impersonation of almost everyone in this picture.

Nick Solorzano

Contracted Rock Star

Nick is second DP. He also loves running audio. Nick is a man of many talents and, at times, loves to rock a mustache. We applaud his efforts.

Zane Hall

Contracted Rock Star

Zane is our gaffer. The one that does the lighting. He also would prefer shooting all our work on VHS or film stock from 1968. The man is an artist.

Hillary Warren

Contracted Rock Star

Hillary is our make up artist. She's the one that makes YOU feel like a star. Make up, in many cases, can be the difference between a great shot and a perfect shot. You are in good hands with Hillary.