We focus our storytelling efforts on enterprise-level organizations and, in many cases, that involves set time with Chief Executives. This demographic demands professional sets, efficient workflows and perfect products. These expectations are our DNA.

Crew Bios

Chris Kennelly

Chris Kennelly – Founder and CEO

Chris finds your passion.  It is his most important role.  To sit with you and understand who you are and why you exist.  It is this story writing collaboration that serves as the vision for your project.  A vision we share and that the Kennetic crew activates upon.

Kevin Dunkin

Kevin Dunkin – Producer

Kevin takes the vision developed between you and Chris and activates upon it.  He identifies the proper crew structure, locks in locations, develops interview questions and is your key point of contact through the production process.

Keagan Anfuso

Keagan Anfuso – Producer

Similarly to Kevin, Keagan activates and brings her energy to client vision.  Script consultations, story development, logistical planning and on site directing are all passions she activates upon.  She is wonderful at breaking down any perceived barriers to video production and making it feel like friends creating something amazing together.

Tony Sarte

Tony Sarte – Creative Director

Tony is an expert story teller.  He takes lead on developing your authentic voice through the editing process.  He is meticulous about every word communicated throughout your video, taking great care of your story.

Dave Lee

David Lee – Motion Graphics Artist

With Tony in charge of story, Dave is in charge of look.  In the edit bay, Dave is finding the shots that capture your identify, tone and aesthetic.  He is also an expert in brand accuracy, making sure your brand is translated accurately and powerfully on screen.

Kevin Dunkin

Brockton Moore – Editor & Systems Analyst

Storytelling is the same now as it was hundreds of years ago.  But the tools have changed.  Brockton is in charge of being on the forefront of storytelling technology and making sure we are ahead of the curve.

Patrick Barry

Patrick Barry – Cinematographer (Freelance)

Patrick’s eye has shaped the Kennetic look for almost a decade.  He is the one behind the camera shaping the emotion captured on set and finding authentic moments that translate to the screen.