Watson Realty Commercial

It was Watson Realty’s 50th year anniversary, and they wanted to celebrate with a 60 second commercial.  The client came to us with a concept outline and we were trusted to run with it and make it our own.   We scripted and storyboarded a concept that took the audience on a 50 year journey through 1 family in 3 homes.  Kennetic cast actors, assembled period clothing and props and shot the commercial all in 6 weeks.  Watson Realty ran this spot in heavy rotation on TV and also designed a print campaign around the concept.

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Visit Jacksonville Tourism Video

Visit Jacksonville wanted to break from traditional tourism video and do something that surprised and delighted.  Something that cut through the clutter.  We came to VJ with a concept of highlighting an individually spectacular location, not telling our crew where we were going, and watching their reactions as they discovered the location along with the viewer.  135,000 people reached, 61,000 video views, 925 shares, 582 comments and 3000 likes later, this piece has become a social media darling.

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Sally Corporation Corporate Success Story

Sally Corporation wanted a video to play at industry events (as well as online) which showed off their latest dark ride, The Justice League. After wrapping our heads around what goes into a ride of this magnitude, we filmed the process of creating the ride from design to completion at Sally Corporation’s headquarters. Then we flew to Six Flags over Dallas to ride it firsthand. We had the ride all to ourselves for one full day and got the most of it.  This is a sales piece, but feels more like a sneak peak into the genius of Sally.

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Chartwells K12 Corporate Success Story

Chartwells K12 in Duval County is incorporating new approaches to school lunches. They wanted a dynamic video to tell their story, to show how they are working to change the culture of school lunches by getting the kids to eat healthy and enjoy lunch again. Our task was help them find the best voices in their organization to speak to their innovative approach, and selectively choose the best opportunities to capture dynamic b-roll.  This has been incredibly valuable as a sales tool to the Chartwells K12 team to enter new markets.

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Speck Pools Product Demo Video

Speck Pools needed a new industry video featuring their Badu® Jet Inspiration system.   They were to use it at trade shows, as a loop in their showroom, and on their website. We worked with them to create a video that was informative and visually interesting, while not bogging it down with too many technical features. We focused specifically on what makes the Badu® Jet Inspiration system better than it’s competition. After settling on some gorgeous locations, we chose to go with a mix of athletes and modeling talent to pull everything together.  We ended up with 3 versions all for different delivery methods.

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