We produce video content with authenticity and intention.


You Deserve Video Content Produced With Authenticity and Intention

Video with the power to help you reach your goals is much more than a marketing tool—it’s a door through which your audience can step into and understand your world. At Kennetic Productions, our video production services help you capture and communicate  unique details  in ways that home in on and resonate with your most important audiences.

Our clients are diverse, ranging from publicly traded companies to county and state governmental entities. Regardless of the type of business or organization you have, Kennetic Productions is the video production company that can bring it to life with compelling video content that can inspire new connections to your true narrative.

Focusing Your Vision

Our team runs on curiosity: What problem are you trying to solve for your company or your audience with video content? How do you envision your video content being the solution?

With you as our guide, we discover the answers to these questions and more by deep diving into your organization, your industry, your brand, and your audience to produce content with purpose.

Service Comes First

From the development phase, where we work with you to identify your creative problems, through production and post-production, customer service, communications, and collaboration are a part of every phase of your project.

At Kennetic Productions, we are a customer service-focused video production company. We love fostering relationships not only between you and your audience, but also with our clients. Our emphasis on customer service makes sure that you (and your video content) get the complete attention you deserve.  

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Strategic From Every Angle

Once we fully understand your vision and goals, we’ll present our plans for your project. When that meets with your approval, we move into strategy development—which will guide us as we nail down the thousands of details to execute the project.

Not only does the strategy influence how we use technology to tell your story, maximize your budget, and who we select to be on your team, it even influences our team’s response to unanticipated circumstances to make sure your original vision is never compromised.

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We’ll assist you as you formulate strategy and decide how to incorporate your corporate videos into your branding and awareness campaigns, human resource materials, educational resources, and more.

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Kennetic Video Productions FAQs

Our video content has helped all types of entities crystallize their brands, reach new audiences, and tell their one-of-a-kind stories. These are just a few of the clients we’ve served in sectors across a spectrum of industries, from professional sports and tactical gear, to tourism and manufacturing:

  • Enterprise Florida, business-government partnership that leads Florida’s economic development 
  • JinkoSolar, a global solar and storage supplier
  • TIAA Bank, a Jacksonville-based financial services organization with nationwide services
  • LandSouth Construction, multifamily, mixed-use, and senior living experts with projects throughout the Southeast
  • The Jacksonville Public Library
  • Watson Realty Corp.,  a privately-owned real estate firm with 50 offices in Florida and South Georgia

We invite you to browse our portfolio and contact us to begin a conversation about your creative problems and our solutions.

Yes, and we’ve worked around the nation capturing content for a variety of clients. In many instances, we travel with our key Jacksonville personnel and have them direct a mostly local crew to the area.

We work with experts: A producer to handle logistics, a creative director to ensure the creative vision remains intact, a cinematographer to capture the visuals, a gaffer to shape the light, an audio engineer to capture pristine sound, and a makeup artist to make everyone look perfect.

We’ve honed our workflow to a fine point, with every step along the way to a finished product built around you. These are the phases of our process and the benefits each of them provide:

  • Brand investigation: Telling your authentic story can only be achieved by understanding you, your audience, and your priorities. The result is video content that delivers on your vision.
  • Proposal and contract: At the close of this phase, you’ll understand our initial strategy and have everything you need to know to move your project forward.
  • Strategy development: Exceptional cinematography and expert lighting won’t ultimately result in the performance you need from your video unless it’s firmly rooted in a comprehensive strategy. This helps ensure your video is built right and built to last.
  • Pre-production: This is where strategy is transformed into actions that set up your project for success. The work of site visits, script writing, scheduling, identifying your production team, and more lay every piece of the groundwork for a focused and efficient shoot.
  • Production: The time and attention given to the previous phases all comes together in a cohesive team fully prepared to execute your vision. 
  • Post-production: The footage we captured on production day is put in the expert hands of editors who weave each bit of video and audio into a unique, compelling story.

Learn more about our video production process or get in touch with us anytime with your questions.

The same qualities a business owner wants in any type of partner or service provider apply to video production services.  A diverse, high-quality portfolio is a given, but there are many more parts of the equation (some of them intangible) that lead to a successful marketing tool that helps you achieve your goals and get the greatest return on your investment:

  • Fire: It can’t be measured, but you’ll know it when you feel it, and you’ll feel it from the start. It’s the spark behind creative professionals’ drive to take ideas to new places, solve new challenges, and deliver their very best work on every project.
  • Customer service: No video content can be truly authentic without a production team that listens to and values their clients’ voices and needs. Look for a company that invites collaboration every step of the way and gives you clear, easy lines of communication. Great customer service should always be part of a great fit for your organization.
  • Experience: The length of time a video production company has been in business is an important metric, but ask about the experience of the individual team members as well. The types of clients they’ve worked with, their accomplishments, and the types of work they’ve produced will all be brought to your project. 
  • Flexibility: Ask the company how they handle the unexpected, because even the most well-planned production can have moments where problems must be solved on the fly. Experienced producers know to be prepared.

You no longer have to look to the largest metropolitan areas of the country for the very best in video production services, so we know you have more choices than ever. That’s one of the reasons we put customer service first: Not every video production company understands that there’s a direct line from their clients’ experience working with them to the finished product. We know you can have both a great experience with us and the highest-quality video marketing content. To us, they’re one and the same.

Regardless of the size of your organization or the type of video you need, you’ll have top-notch experienced professionals on your team.

We’re not limited by location, concept, or skillset. Whether you’re looking for video production services in Jacksonville or elsewhere, we’d love to get on a call to find out how we can help. You can use the calendar on our contact page to schedule a day and time that works for you.

Kennetic Productions is a full-service company, able to provide end-to-end video production. We also offer production services for other major production companies in need of a crew or production manager, and we’re often tapped for this type of work.

The time frame of a video production project can range drastically due to complexity of concept, availability of interview subjects, talent, and locations—as well as the responsiveness of the client. If all everything from pre-production to final delivery falls into place beautifully, 60 days is a good benchmark to start with.

We’re happy to give our clients several options at different price points. If we’re approached with a concept that would cost $15,000, we present that option. But we also offer options that elevate that concept and sometimes add budget and options that streamline the concept and, in turn, reduce the budget. In any case, our clients always know all of the costs and how we arrived at them.

Whether you have a clear concept for the video content you need or simply want to talk through the possibilities of what video can do to bring fresh, new energy to your brand, we’d love to connect. We welcome your inquiry via phone or email, or you can schedule an exploratory meeting on our contact page calendar. We can’t wait to hear, and hopefully tell, your story.