We know that compelling video is about more than high-quality cameras and cranking out content.
So, we work alongside our clients to produce intentional and authentic content that performs.

Kennetic Productions is built on the idea that great video marketing combines the inspired heart of filmmaking with the structure of client-centric project management. For us, the experience of our clients is as significant as the quality of our production.


We are master communicators who answer our phones and respond to every email. Our clients are always aware of where we are in the process and never waiting on us.


Things change, and so do we. We go into every production prepared for the plot twist and ready to pivot with plans B, C, D, and sometimes even E.


Amplifying the story, message, and identity of our clients means working with and not just for them. We invite and involve our clients throughout the production process- and we like it that way.


Yes, production is about highly skilled professionals using very impressive technology to produce high-quality video. For us, it’s also about fostering a creative culture of respect, integrity, and inclusivity for our team and our clients. We love what we do and we want our clients to feel that.

The focus of an Executive Producer is to design a business framework that allows the vision of both client and creative director to shine. This framework solidifies the scope of work and ensures solid footing for ideas to flourish. Chris, as the founder of Kennetic, is energized when teams come together and relationships are built.

Chris Kennelly (he / him)
Executive Producer

A Producer is all things logistics. With an eye primarily on our filming days and day-of crew, Kevin is never happier then when he is observing the experts he placed on set, working hard, creating feverishly and existing in their place of passion. That said, he is a conduit all the way from conceptualization, through production, and withing the editing process to delivery.

Kevin Dunkin (he / him)

As Creative Director, Keagan Anfuso is crucial in collaborating with clients to bring their vision to life. Some of our clients come with their full ideas ready to go and they just need a little panache here and there, and others need full creative development. Keagan is adept at navigating both needs and everything in between. It is her goal to reach your target audience in ways that surprise and delight.

Keagan Anfuso (she / her)
Creative Director

Having full time editors on staff is a huge benefit. Communication is fluid and they are able to provide input into projects before they hit their desk. Dave is an expert at bringing energy and dynamics to a piece. We call that spice. His animation skills are also top notch allowing Kennetic to explain complex issues with the assistance of colorful imagery and an unlimited imagination.

David Lee (he / him)
Editor / Animator

At Kennetic, our Post Production Supervisor ensures continuity across our portfolio. He is in charge of The Kennetic Way. Infrastructure, process, file organization and the like, each project, each client, each initiative deserves the backbone of sound process.

Brockton Moore (they / them)
Post Production Supervisor