Our Process

High-quality video and storytelling ability is a basic standard in our industry- So, what makes us different?
We’re an accelerant.

Creative blocks, feedback loops, and meetings about meetings are common brick walls that derail timelines and halt progress. We’ve designed our workflow to bring pro-active momentum whether you’re just starting to brainstorm, ready for production, or already have assets that need post-production support.

Brand Investigation

This can be as quick as a discovery call or as detailed as exploration, site visits and audience research and story identification. The key is that we take the time to learn each other and develop a strategy to reach your target audience with precision.

Proposal and Contract

The work of our brand investigation gets us to a place where we can detail our strategy and present our plan for your review. This comes in the form of a proposal ready for input, discussion, presentation and signature.

Strategy Development

At Kennetic, strategy is encapsulated in identifying the stories being told, to what audiences, via which channels. We take a deep dive into this work to ensure your goals are clearly defined and met. This ensures you don’t receive a pretty video that goes nowhere and does nothing.


Mobilization. Additional site visits, shot lists, interview prep, storyboarding, script writing, director, editor and crew identification, filming day permissions, scheduling, collaboration, etc. When you walk on set, everything you see or experience is the result of pre-production.


Where the rubber meets the road. Here is where we capture all material necessary to visualize our collective strategy. On set, you’ll notice our aesthetic as calm, focused, expertise. All crew operates in their field of passion, with humility, toward a common goal.


With a team of editors on staff, we have the ability to be limited only by our imagination. Crafting your story for your audience has been happening since step 1, but it is in the editing bay where all the puzzle pieces come together. When revisions are complete, we then package for dissemination across identified channels.