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Commercials are a specific type of video that require a unique blend of imagination and technical skills, abilities, and aptitudes—a combination that we possess at Kennetic Productions as we create commercial videos for businesses like yours.
Capturing Your Company's Vision

Commercials are a specific type of video that require a unique blend of imagination and technical skills, abilities, and aptitudes—a combination that we possess here at Kennetic Productions.

Intended for television or online viewing, commercials are videos of the highest quality that strategically highlight products and services that a company offers to consumers. Because they’re short in length—normally thirty seconds to one minute—they need to be jam-packed with creativity, produced with excellent execution. Commercial videos must be engaging, both informative and persuasive in ways that draw in potential customers and encourage them to act.

To brainstorm ideas and/or to collaborate with us on projects, please contact us online or by calling 904-372-6025. You can also browse our commercial video portfolio.

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Our Commercial Production Process

Our initial efforts identify the goals for the commercial and targeted audiences. Whether TIAA Bank is hyping up fans for a new Jacksonville Jaguars season at The Bank or a real estate giant is sharing how their agency brings qualified buyers and sellers seamlessly together, we collaborate on original concepts and execute upon them.

At Kennetic Productions, we partner with our clients to execute a shared vision. As we collaborate, we’ll make sure we fully understand how the commercial will be distributed. We’ll also plan how we’ll use the best of today’s technology to create a high quality commercial with excellent production value.

  • During pre-production, we manage site visits and shot lists, prep people for interviews, and handle storyboarding and much more. Our connections with top-tier industry professionals allows us to choose the best team for each project.
  • During production, we’ll capture material needed to fulfill the vision of our collective strategy in a calm and focused way. Everyone on our team works towards a common goal as they passionately execute upon their specialized talents. We take care of filming day permissions, scheduling and collaboration—so, when people walk on the location, everything is prepped and ready to go.
  • In Post-Production, our editors are limited only by their imagination as they pull together the theme of the commercial, fitting in pieces of the puzzle. Upon approval, we distribute the package across identified channels.

The Kennetic video production crew works on your timetable and budget, proceeding with energy and pride in our work—yet in a humble style. From day one through post-production, we offer outstanding customer service (one of our true specialties).

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Successfully offering commercial video services requires a strong ability to collaborate with agencies and clients, and we excel in creating, participating in, and propelling this kind of synergy forward. We amplify the message of the company, adapting as changes in direction occur. In fact, we go into commercial video production already being well prepared for plot twists, ready to seamlessly pivot.

Jacksonville, Florida is our home base, but our video production services are available around the country. To discuss your ideas, please schedule an initial meeting on our calendar or give us a call at 904-372-6025.

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Commercial Production FAQs

A commercial video is short—usually thirty seconds to one minute in length, possibly two—with high quality production. The goal is to advertise a product or service and encourage people to take action, usually to make a purchase. Tone can range from humorous to heartwarming, depending on the product and goals, and can feature professional actors or, in some cases, people from the business. Commercials can appear on television or online, or both.

We leverage our connections to top-industry professionals in our area, and handle creative aspects, plus casting, pre-production, production coordinating, location scouting, production, post-production, and media management on a commercial level.

Although each commercial should be unique, there are commonalities. It’s important to craft a catchy beginning to capture the viewer’s attention, doing so in a way that fits the company’s brand. A commercial video should contain a brief storyline and a call to action whether explicit or implied. Because of the short length, the storyline should be simple yet engaging, and the production level should be of the highest quality; lesser quality will reflect poorly on the brand and may well prevent the company from getting desired results.