Strategic Corporate Video Production Services

Corporate video production should go well beyond sharing stories about your business. Yes, that’s an important component but, at Kennetic Productions, we take the time to truly understand the purpose of your company.
We're Investigative In Our Strategy

Our investigative approach ensures that we’re clear about the video’s purpose before we craft the messaging. We then create original fully cohesive videos that represent your unique brand, focusing on what makes your business special—including culture, etiquette, and rules across your type of corporate entity.

To discuss how to create intentional content with long shelf-life to amplify your message and promote your brand, please contact us online or call 904-372-6025. We also invite you to browse our corporate video portfolio.

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During our first discussions with you, we’ll gain clarity on your needs, vision, and video purpose, including the issue that needs to be addressed and how the video should contribute. We’ll brainstorm possibilities and then present you with a concept to approve. During development, we’ll use the best of technology, bringing your vision to fruition with excellent production quality within your timetable and budget. Throughout the process, into and including post-production, we provide great customer service.

After we collaborate with your team, we’ll take what we learn and bring your vision to life through our creative corporate video services. Our talented professionals will carefully keep the audience in mind whether the videos are intended to be outward facing for clients and investors or used internally for hiring purposes.

Corporate Videos For Internal Use

Our corporate video production agency can create internal videos as part of your company’s onboarding and training programs with the goal of focusing mission and vision statements, share important values, and provide nuts and bolts information to new employees. Internal corporate videos don’t have to be limited to human resources, they can be used for educational reasons, to debut changes in the company, encourage a positive workplace culture with shared values, and much more.

Benefits of Using Corporate Video Best Practices

We understand that as people’s attention spans become increasingly shorter, the visual impact of well-produced video can keep them focused when the information matters to them. People can be visual learners (most common) or auditory learners, and video allows them to engage with content by using both senses. This mimics real-life experience where we both see and hear people we’re with. A third key learning style—reading—can also be part of the video experience with text, charts, and diagrams.

Selecting the right music for your video and ensuring the rights for its use is another key component of corporate video production. The music selected should complement your brand and your messaging without overpowering it and becoming the center of a viewer’s attention.

Videos are ideal in campaigns when you want to promote the brand as a whole and create awareness. If embedded in pages and posts on your website, this can assist in attracting traffic to your site and keep online visitors engaged as they consume your engaging content.

Corporate videos can position your company as industry experts and your team as influential thought leaders. They can share customer testimonials in engaging ways and serve as soft sell promotional approaches when giving presentations at conferences or meeting with potential new clients. You can share financial information with stockholders or other stakeholders. Videos can also highlight your corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives and then be shared with external and internal audiences; CSR video can be especially effective on social media channels.

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As a full-service video production company, we can help you determine the type of video to make, what story you need to tell and how to tell it, and where to place your video for the greatest, most sustainable impact. We also work with other production companies that need our production services. To learn more about how we can produce the right video for your company or organization, or provide the right support for your production company, we welcome you to get in touch

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Corporate Video Production FAQs

Corporate videos can encompass internal and external communications for a wide variety of purposes. These videos usually have a more specific audience than the general public but aren’t limited to just one audience type. For example, you could create a meaningful corporate social responsibility video and use it when cultivating new investors, raising brand awareness at industry conferences, on social media to spotlight key initiatives, and so forth.

Internally, corporate videos can be used as recruitment tools at industry events; for onboarding and training materials for new employees; educational videos to teach employees new concepts or to introduce new initiatives; and more. You may, as just one example, create a slightly different external facing video about the same new initiative for potential stakeholders.

Videos can also provide an overview of your company, including testimonials, to raise brand awareness in a soft sell way. Or, they can be somewhat more promotional than a typical corporate video without crossing over to videos with a clear sales and marketing angle. The reality is that corporate videos are as unique as your business, and our goal is to help you reach your goals in creative, engaging ways.

We do call Jacksonville, Florida home base, but we offer corporate video services around the country. Usually, we’ll bring our key personnel to you and partner with a local crew in your area. To discuss your ideas, please schedule an initial meeting on our contact page calendar.