Financial Video Production Services

Spotlight your bank in compelling ways that attract and retain customers, and highlights your financial services along with the ways you give back to your community. We specialize in creating branding, CSR, and CRA videos.
Emotionally Connect Your Financial Institution with Customers

As a bank or credit union, your institution provides customers with quality services that allow them to finance their dreams: from saving for a wedding or a house, to planning for retirement, and much more. You know that you have a unique vision and mission to help people accomplish just that—but it can be challenging to articulate the advantages of your financial institution in a way that resonates with people.

You know how you’re truly investing in the community—but you need to transform these crucial facts and figures into a compelling demonstration that encourages people to bank with you. Fortunately, our talented video production team can share these concepts through straightforward yet engaging messaging—leading viewers down a path to connect with you for a successful tomorrow.

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Kennetic Productions’ Processes

We’ll sit down with your savvy staff to understand what information you want to impart through video and what goals you have for its creation. Our team will collaborate with yours to discover the types of messaging that you want to share to encourage people to invest their money with your institution or otherwise use your valuable services.

Next, we’ll talk about how our video production services can help your institution to achieve your goals. During the developmental process, we’ll work side by side with you to strategically share data in engaging ways, bringing your brand and your unique offerings to life with excellent camera work and video editing.

Highlight Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

As part of your mission, your bank has developed special ways to give back to the community you serve, creating a unique CSR lens. Through your actions and resources, you’re making your corner of the world a much better place through philanthropy, volunteering, and charitable giving. In short, you enhance your community in ways that dovetail with your vision. Knowing how to share specifics of what you do may be challenging; fortunately, demonstrating your contributions in video is an ideal way to share the message. In fact, we specialize in creating CSR videos through our financial services video production. Don’t hide your light; let it shine so that current customers, community leaders, and prospective customers can see what you do.

Consider the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)

Besides sharing news about what you do to support the community with your customers and the community’s leaders, you can use our financial services video production to let regulators know that you’re properly following CRA requirements. When packaged well and created with finesse, your videos can serve multiple valuable purposes. They can be an extraordinarily effective part of online marketing as you highlight the incredibly good work you do and the ways in which people can build financial security through banking services. Plus, these videos will be engaging proof of satisfying regulations. To craft this win/win scenario, our team will create an efficient yet cohesive brand story that resonates with your dual-purpose audiences.

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We’d love to get a conversation started today. Schedule a free consultation by contacting us online, calling (904) 372-8570, or by booking a 15-minute virtual meeting. We look forward to hearing about your vision and beginning the process of brainstorming creative ideas for your financial services video production. Ask about ways we can accomplish multiple purposes in your video and/or create a series of financial videos to attract and retain customers; share CSR accomplishments; and document CRA-related actions.

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