Medical Video Production: Streamline Recruitment

Your outstanding medical facilities focus on providing world-class healthcare—and, to enhance services, recruit quality healthcare professionals by using sophisticated and compelling videos. Here at Kennetic Productions, we specialize in hospital video production services.
Attract Quality Physicians, Specialists, and More

One of the biggest challenges in hospitals and other healthcare facilities today is finding, hiring, and keeping the right talent. Shortages exist and this situation isn’t likely to change soon. As the Baby Boomer population—the largest generation in size to date—ages, more of its members will retire or cut back on hours worked. Meanwhile, plenty of people in this generation will need more care; this means that a smaller number of medical professionals will need to care for an increasing number of patients.

When there are more job openings than people seeking them, it’s more important than ever that your healthcare organization uses the most savvy recruitment strategies possible—and this includes a well targeted recruitment video. You can showcase the reputation and innovation of your medical institution as well as the quality of life that a position at your facilities will provide to the newly recruited medical professionals. You can highlight your mission, vision, and core values to attract an excellent diversity of applicants to your hospitals.

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Video Production Process

Perhaps you provide top-quality general care—or maybe you offer specialty care for specific health conditions. You may be a children’s hospital or one that cares for people of all ages. Whichever is the case, our job is to distill the information about the types of professionals you need and present it in ways that highlight the benefits of working for your facilities. So, as an early step, we’ll talk with you about your goals and what medical job seekers need to know to decide whether to enter into discussions with your healthcare organization.

Let us show you how the expertise of a video production agency can help your facility reach its recruitment goals by attracting medical professionals who can make a significant difference in the lives and healthcare outcomes of your patients. Our production team will leverage our experience, creativity, outstanding camera work, and seamless video editing services to create a stellar quality video.

Targeted Healthcare Video Production

We’ll focus on the needs and wants of the people you want to recruit. This can include the highlights of your desirable work culture such as:

  • competitive compensation and incentives your company offers;
  • limit excessive on-call time;
  • cutting-edge technologies;
  • opportunities for advancement;
  • and the benefits of your location and surrounding community.

Or, if you need hospital video production where we provide a walkthrough of your second-to-none facilities, Kennetic Productions is the right choice. We’ll speak to your targeted audience by highlighting the benefits of providing healthcare services in these facilities whether as a physician, medical specialist, resident, or fellow. Our talented production and editing team can create an ambiance in which these potential members of your medical staff can envision providing outstanding healthcare in these halls with the innovative equipment you use. We can seamlessly weave in patient testimonials to demonstrate how your healthcare facility is making significant differences in people’s lives—and then invite medical professionals to join your team.

Medical Video Production Company: Philanthropic Focus

Healthcare facilities are continually under pressure to improve the quality of services they offer, which costs money. As a video production company that specializes in medical videos, we will capture your highly innovative work in ways that also allow these recruitment/retention videos to interest foundations and other generous givers to contribute further to the innovative services that you offer to the community and the bigger world.

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