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Capture the thrill of action and outdoor adventure, allowing viewers to engage in the experience vicariously through our action sports video production.
Highlighting Action Through Outdoor Video Production

White water rafters enjoy bursts of adrenaline as they navigate challenging waters. Surfers feel a similar sensation as they crest a wave, taking in the sun, sand, and surf—while rock climbers use their determination and strength to tackle Mother Nature’s toughest quests.

We’ve got the creativity and experience to promote your video message through outdoor action and adventure. Our camera and production crew is fast and focused, ready to create action and sports videos that allows anyone to imagine themselves successfully having experiences of a lifetime as they become one with the moment.

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Kennetic Productions’ Processes

Our team starts with a consultation to understand what you want to capture on film—and why. We’ll discern your target markets and their goals for the activities and adventures that they undertake. Although action sports involve physical activities, the draw to them is typically how they make participants feel. So, we’ll delve into the emotive impact you want your footage to impart and how you want viewers to respond to the video. Then we’ll discuss how our video production services can help your company to achieve those goals.

Throughout the developmental process, we’ll work collaboratively with you as we use the magic of film production to navigate unexpected outdoor moments. Nothing is more incredible than Mother Nature—and that’s what we’ll demonstrate through film to represent your brand as we truly bring it to life with today’s advanced technologies.

Action Sports Video Production

Each outdoor activity has its own unique ambiance and culture. We’ll work hard to bring that to the forefront in ways that will excite experienced participants and entice beginners to take the plunge and become part of the experience. Sometimes, like with football, the participants will compete against other people, and we’ll help viewers of your video to enter into that feeling. Other times, it’s about person against nature, an experience of pure endorphins as the athletes accomplish more than ever expected. Whatever you need in your action sports video, we’re enthusiastic about catching those inspirational moments on film for others to enjoy. We invite you to view some examples of our work.

Benefits of Outdoor Video Production Services

Our experienced video production company will bring your vision to life by dovetailing creative concepts with outdoor action. The result will be a one-of-a-kind video that stands out from others, thanks to our flexible, imaginative approach and technical abilities with the camera and video editing. Viewers can envision themselves engaging in activities, and sharing your video with others who enjoy the same interests. The result is the engagement you want and need to meet or exceed your company’s goals.

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With outdoor sports adventure, the action only happens once: on the ground, in the water, or from the sky. To start sharing your vision with us and exploring the possibilities of capturing that unique action, contact us online for a free consultation. Or, use our online booking tool to schedule a 15-minute conversation with one of our experienced outdoor video production team members. No matter how you contact us, we look forward to brainstorming with you.

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