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Enhance your employee recruitment program to find exactly the right candidates for your workplace culture, effectively filling open positions.

Recruit Your Dream Team with HR Video Production

There are plenty of recruitment challenges nowadays. There is a talent shortage across the country and, with low unemployment figures, the percentage of people actively seeking a job may be lower than what we’ve experienced in the United States in a long time. Because the talent pool is smaller, the recruitment process is, by definition, more competitive. Unlike in the past, you’re likely not attracting top talent by simply posting a job description and hoping for the best. This is where recruitment video production comes in. We’ll share the benefits of working for your brand in engaging, compelling ways so that you can attract the right candidates, increasing your candidate pool and allowing you to more cost-effectively recruit the optimal staff.

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Recruitment Video Production

Recruitment videos differ from other types of corporate videos in a crucial way. The goal is to create captivating videos that allow prospective employees to imagine themselves in the jobs you’re highlighting. You’ll want these prospects to do more than simply watch the video; you want them to already be envisioning themselves doing the job. For highly effective HR video production, it requires respect, curiosity, and subtle admiration for the workplace culture—attributes that our video production company has in abundance. As it’s become even more apparent over the past few years, the way we work is evolving and will likely continue to evolve. There is no longer a “standard” of work as every company and organization has a unique perspective. Articulating that in your recruitment video is essential to connect with the right people for your workplace culture.

Kennetic Productions’ Process

We’ll go above and beyond to ensure that we fully understand your hiring needs and any recruitment problems that you’re facing. Then, we’ll discuss how video content will play a role in the solution. Our team will collaborate with you and create concepts for your approval.

Recruiting video production is not a cookie-cutter process at Kennetic. We’ll be inspired by your company culture as we craft a video that’s ideal for your brand—and then we’ll bring your vision to life within your budget, leveraging the best of today’s technology.

Our Approach to Recruitment Video Services

Each time that we begin an HR video production project, we take a close look at the job positions needing to be filled: each component that makes up each job, and what makes them unique and purposeful. Think of this approach as “everyday heroes” projects where we demonstrate the value of a particular job and how it contributes to the company’s overall success.

With our recruitment video services, we focus on satisfying three audiences.

  • First, the candidate will benefit from a clear depiction of your workplace culture and a visual look at what the job entails.
  • Next, the video helps potential applicants to self-screen themselves if this doesn’t seem like a good fit, reducing the amount of work that your human resources department would need to perform.
  • Finally, it helps your business to hire the right people the first time, which can assist with retention and save your company money.
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Recruitment Video FAQs

Recruitment videos allow potential job candidates to get a sense of your company’s workplace culture and the type of work they’d do. Companies often post these videos when recruiting online at places like LinkedIn and on job boards among other possibilities. With our recruitment video services, we’ll help job candidates to glean an understanding of your company while giving your business more exposure.

Studies have shown that quality videos embedded in job postings are viewed more often with higher application rates. So, yes. They can be quite effective.

The best recruitment videos share an intro to your business, including your mission, vision, and values while making it easy for prospective applicants to feel immersed in the job.