Economic Development Video Production Services

Spotlight your region—from your plans for economic development to highlighting attractions of interest—to enhance the area in profitable ways.

Effective Government Video Production

Agencies at all levels of government—from city and county levels on up—are responsible for creating and managing programs that will benefit their communities economically. Then, they must distribute information about their programs and get people interested and excited in what they’re doing—and video can work exceptionally well for this purpose. With economic development video production, for example, you can highlight plans for new construction in an area that needs revitalization. Using the best of today’s technologies, we can create a look of the future for economic development departments to share. With tourism video production, our talented team can highlight attractions in the area that will encourage people to visit, which can put money in the pockets of lodging facilities, restaurants, shops and more.

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Economic Development Video Production

As governmental agencies and community organizations strive to improve the quality of life through economic initiatives, they need to seamlessly communicate their vision to a broader audience. The solution? Professional government and economic development video production. What economic development means will vary by the needs of a community. In general, though, it involves the strategic allocation of resources to benefit the region’s business growth and employment opportunities. Because approaches to economic development can be so diverse, it’s crucial that the economic development video shares your unique vision in compelling ways to encourage buy-in from businesses, community leaders, and residents.

Engaging Tourism Video Production

A captivating tourism video can bring the attractions in your locale to life in ways that will encourage people to visit and spend their dollars in your community. From festivals to places of natural beauty and from sports extravaganzas to historic sites of interest, restaurants, shopping venues and more, our travel video production team will highlight all there is to experience and enjoy. We leverage the power of creative storytelling, using today’s technology to capture enticing images and selecting the perfect background music to evoke an emotional response. We go beyond reciting facts and figures, crafting videos that allow viewers to immerse themselves in the experience, motivating them to transform from armchair travelers to tourists in your locale.

Kennetic Productions’ Process

Whether you need a travel video production company to entice tourists to enjoy your one-of-a-kind attractions or an economic development video to display plans for gainful growth, we’ll first delve into your specific goals. Then, we’ll discuss the role of how video content can help you reach those goals, collaborating as we brainstorm and create video concepts.

No matter the specifics of the content, video production is a fluid process, and we adapt throughout the process to make your vision come to life within your budget.

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Government Video Production FAQs

With our tourism video production services, we first discuss the overall impression you want the video to give. You may want to promote an area as a place for family fun—or as a romantic getaway for two. We’ll ask what specific locations are important to include, and we’ll create a video that allows viewers to immerse themselves in the experience, feeling as though they’re walking that trail or enjoying a meal at their restaurant of choice. We’ll seamlessly edit the tourism video and add music to evoke the desired mood, including a call to action to visit.

Economic development initiatives drive growth, creating opportunities for more jobs and otherwise creating an enhanced quality of life for residents and visitors. Promoting the initiatives helps to get people enthusiastic about the future and facilitates buy-in with the plans.