Professional Video Animation Production

Animation engages viewers and allows them to quickly and seamlessly grasp important concepts. Your company can effectively communicate with customers, entertain them, and share messaging in a memorable fashion.
Amplify Your Company's Message With Animation

Animation can be fully made from computerized frames to create characters and scenes or the animation can be used as brand call-outs on videos with live action to emphasize key information. In some cases, an info-graphic communicates stats and measurements in eye-catching ways. Animation is scalable and multi-purpose, and our talented video production crew will listen to your wants and needs and make professional recommendations.

This technology is a strong supplement for produced footage in a wide range of industries. This includes but isn’t limited to showing workplace images that are not possible because of sensitive information—such as cybersecurity or any field where showing data on workscreens is not possible or recommended.

To discuss how to bring your business’s vision to life, please contact us online or call 904-372-6025. You can browse our animation portfolio here.

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Animated Corporate Video Production

In an era of increasingly shorter attention spans, animation cuts through the noise and grabs the attention of your targeted audience. Animation simplifies even the most complex ideas and helps to make them unforgettable.

When information is shared through animation in a corporate video, it can create a more relaxing experience. Through animation, your company can create a sense of nostalgia, if that is appropriate for your brand and message, and/or incorporate an ambiance of lightness and fun.

We can create original animation work that seamlessly fits into your unique brand identity. As a result, what we create dovetails with your overall corporate identity and meshes with your messaging. Our goal is to craft fully cohesive corporate videos.

Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainer video production is a specialty of Kennetic Productions. These short, punchy, and powerful videos allow you to present complex, meaningful ideas. They contain an optimal blend of imagery, storytelling, and direction. Tightly scripted and smoothly animated with engaging voiceovers, they illustrate core pain points for your target audiences and share how your products and services can solve them.

Here at Kennetic Productions, we can create animated explainer videos for a diverse population of clients: from private to publicly traded companies, county and state governmental agencies, and more. This includes professional sports companies, tourism businesses, manufacturing companies, real estate firms, public libraries, construction companies, and more. No matter what kind of organization or business you have, we can provide you with animated video that builds and strengthens connections with your audiences and crystallizes one-of-a-kind brand stories.

Kennetic Productions’ Process

We’ll first consult with you and your team to thoroughly understand the problem that needs to be solved and how you want video content to contribute to the solution.

During the developmental phase, we’ll work with you, side by side, as we brainstorm creative concepts and present you with a plan. Our skilled illustrators have a range of artistic styles, this allows us to pair the right talent with your project—ultimately creating a unique style that is a perfect fit for your brand.

As we work with you during production and post-production, we’ll not only ensure that your vision comes to fruition, we’ll also leverage the best of today’s technology in ways that make the most of your budget.

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Our videos go beyond mere marketing, facilitating viewer engagement that allow prospects to experience your content in deep-rooted ways. Video animation can resonate with your core audiences, attracting new customers and retaining current ones.

We’ll help you to decide the role that video animation production will play in your overall marketing strategy and how to share yours for an ongoing impact. To discuss the ideal video for your company, get in touch with us online or call us at 904-372-6025.

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Video Animation FAQs

Animation videos range from cartoons to motion graphics, 3D animation to whiteboard animations, and more. They use original illustrations and/or computer generated designs and effects to share messaging in engaging ways. They can be produced in wide ranges of styles and methodologies. Although animation videos can include live action video, this isn’t required, making animation a versatile option for your business or organization—and with today’s technology, possibilities are limited only by one’s imagination.

Most people are visual learners, taking in information most effectively with pictures, video, charts, diagrams, and so forth. This learning style is typically supercharged when accompanied with catchy animation elements in any kind of video.

Professionally produced animated explainer videos by Kennetic provides visual content in optimally created segments that combine visuals with audio overlays. Our video animation production team creates videos that allow people to intellectually absorb information while also relating to them emotionally. This combination transmits brand messaging in efficient ways that motivate viewers to act with information that remains in long-term memory.